Sunday, August 25, 2013

salute to surrogacy

last night the wonderful organization, surrogacy together threw a lovely event for surrogates, intended parents, medical professionals, lawyers, and anyone connected to the surrogacy community. they are helping people become parents and giving surrogacy a good name. it was so nice to meet surrogates from near and far and each get to share our journeys with each other. my im attended with me. the event was held at the marriott downtown and had a beautiful san diego bay backdrop.

we had such a nice time and i met some really wonderful people!

back in june, surrogacy together had an open photoshoot and baby boo was a featured photo!

maybe my girl is a future surromomma too!

on my surro front, i finished my pills and aunt flo should be arriving any day now. i don't feel "period-y" yet, but hopefully that will change soon. after that i go back to the clinic for labs and a meeting with mr. weenie wand and the transfer should be in about 3 weeks. can't wait to get this transfer done and cook another faux baby!

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