Tuesday, August 6, 2013

lupron shots, delestrogen shots, and mr. weenie wand

it's been a few weeks since i received my bag of surro goodies.

it was kind of a rush to get them to me. my very sweet im (intended mother) drove from north county to la jolla to east county to bring me the meds. so i could start that day! the first one we get is the lupron (which suppresses ovulation) and is a tiny needle that i give myself. i made my boy take my picture of the first injection and he just laughed cause i made my belly look like a va-jay-jay i was so nervous!

the big bad needles started as well. right now i am on the delestrogen every 3 days, so tonight is a shot night. my boy sings the song, "shots, shots! shots, shots!" while he does it and it makes me giggle and forget that there's a huge needle in my ass!

my second monitoring appt. is tomorrow am and i am hoping my uterus is beginning to fluff up. please send fluffy thoughts my way!

my boy and i were able to spend the day with my ip's last saturday at the padre/yankee game. we tailgated and had a great time getting to know each other a little better. i am really excited about the 'salute to surrogacy' dinner coming up down here in san diego at the end of the month. a bunch of surro's i know from blogland and instagram will be there and it will be so nice to meet them in real life!

our transfer is set for august 22. it just so happens that is my mom's birthday, so it is destined to be a lucky day!


Melissa said...

Exciting news! I am transferring around that time too. By the looks of your med labels I'm thinking we have the same IVF clinic ;)

Good luck!

Krystal said...

Good luck!! I'm not too far behind ya!