Wednesday, July 17, 2013

well people we are moving right along! the contract was sent back to my ip's with my revisions which they ok'ed. now i need my final draft and me and the mr. will head up to temecula to get it notarized.

why temecula (and riverside county) you ask? well that is a GREAT question!!!

after the whole baby selling ring was busted down here at conceptual options (someone always has to ruin it don't they?) it is now extremely hard to get a pbo.

*a pbo is a pre birth order. the ip's lawyer goes to court for them and tells the judge that a gestational surrogate is about to birth their baby and they want to be recognized as the legal guardians by the hospital and listed on the birth certificate. otherwise i'd be listed cause baby came flying outta me!*

san diego lawyers are now recommending that both parties get stuff done outside of s.d. county. it is kinda a pain to drive up there for a 10 minute procedure, but maybe a trip to a winery is in order too!

sooooo, now that the contracts are allllllmost signed, my calendar will be coming right after. we are looking to do a transfer as soon as possible, so we are talking end of august people! i have been on the pill for over a month now and it is officially starting to make me crazy! i need off this sh!t!!! start sending your sticky bthoughts and let's hear your ideas how to make this transfer work the first time! ready? go ...

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Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, you've been working so long for this. Keeping my fingers crossed for an August transfer and a May/June baby!