Sunday, June 16, 2013

my very exciting update!

shall i cut right to the good stuff or strong you along a little?

sssss ..... ttttt ..... rrrrr ..... iiiii ..... nnnnn ..... ggggg .....

so i've been a little bummed about my new agency not being able to find an md for me to work with. i contacted my old agency and started the ball rolling with them again. they said they had a couple in mind for me and i had minimal paperwork to do. hallelujah! well as i was perusing the all things surrogacy facebook page i saw an interesting post from an im. we started talking and met up for dinner last week and ... this is the EXCITING part ... we matched!!! i am so very excited to have a local couple and we are in the beginning stages of everything, but they have frozen embies so hopefully we can get things going very soon! :)

my darling daughter and i had a fun photo shoot yesterday with surrogacy together! they are making their rounds around the country to shoot and interview surrogates and intended parents. check out their facebook page for more info!


Melissa said...


Venus of the Kitchen said...

Woohoo! So happy for you lady! :)

Tiffany said...

So very excited for you Amy!! You deserve a wonderful journey filled with success and love - I hope this match is all you dream. I can't wait to follow along. :)

Loved your pic on Surrogacy Together too!