Friday, June 21, 2013

happy birthing day to me!

and happy birthday to baby sesame who is 2 today!!! it's hard to believe 2 years have come and gone since miss reagan graced us with her presence.

today was my first appt. at the fertility center. i had bloodwork done, my iud removed, and a sonohystogram. the nurse asked me what my plans were in the next 6-8 weeks and since i have nothing big going on, we're shooting for a transfer somewhere in that time frame! so exciting! this clinic doesn't require any bed rest after a transfer, which is way nice! they tell ya to take it easy and do your thing! so now we just need our contracts hammered out and then the fun stuff can begin. and by fun stuff i mean shots. and by fun i mean terrible.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

bcp and iud

my first screening appt. is tomorrow! i am having my iud removed and am kinda nervous! o_O

anyone have any words of wisdom for me about that?

i started on bcp (birth control pills) yesterday and have my fingers crossed they don't make me looney! i do have a headache today, but it's been a long week and i need some caffeine! anywho, off to the r.e. maƱana and hopefully banging out our contracts pretty soon!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

my very exciting update!

shall i cut right to the good stuff or strong you along a little?

sssss ..... ttttt ..... rrrrr ..... iiiii ..... nnnnn ..... ggggg .....

so i've been a little bummed about my new agency not being able to find an md for me to work with. i contacted my old agency and started the ball rolling with them again. they said they had a couple in mind for me and i had minimal paperwork to do. hallelujah! well as i was perusing the all things surrogacy facebook page i saw an interesting post from an im. we started talking and met up for dinner last week and ... this is the EXCITING part ... we matched!!! i am so very excited to have a local couple and we are in the beginning stages of everything, but they have frozen embies so hopefully we can get things going very soon! :)

my darling daughter and i had a fun photo shoot yesterday with surrogacy together! they are making their rounds around the country to shoot and interview surrogates and intended parents. check out their facebook page for more info!