Tuesday, May 14, 2013


in my new search for my last surro journey (yes there is a final chapter in the works) i've hit a speed bump.

first things first. i signed up with a new agency and i really like them. smaller agency. very personal feel. they showed me a profile of some potential ip's who seem like a good match for me. after many phone calls kaiser finally got their stuff together and sent the correct files. well the r.e. doesn't approve of my low bmi. say what? i am underweight and always have been. isn't that better than being overweight? never mind the fact that i've been pregnant 3 times. never mind that 2 of those pregnancies delivered healthy babies.

so my agency is contacting other clinics to see if they will take me. i won't be filling out any more mountains of paperwork or requesting my records from kaiser again, so this is my last chance at doing this again.

as i am reminded daily by my wonderful partner, breath in. breath out.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds frustrating! I have never heard of a clinic declining someone due to low BMI.