Tuesday, May 28, 2013

and the hits keep coming

received some more disappointing news from my agency last week. the second doctor who wouldn't discriminate cause of my weight won't take me because he can't get a hold of the miscarriage paperwork from the ivf clinic i was with last march. they told my agency that the records belong to the ip's and they would need to sign a release form blah, blah, blah. i don't understand why a good word from the r.e. isn't good enough! i am beginning to think this may not be in the cards for me again! i wish it were easy to agency hop instead of having to fill out a forest worth of paperwork!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


in my new search for my last surro journey (yes there is a final chapter in the works) i've hit a speed bump.

first things first. i signed up with a new agency and i really like them. smaller agency. very personal feel. they showed me a profile of some potential ip's who seem like a good match for me. after many phone calls kaiser finally got their stuff together and sent the correct files. well the r.e. doesn't approve of my low bmi. say what? i am underweight and always have been. isn't that better than being overweight? never mind the fact that i've been pregnant 3 times. never mind that 2 of those pregnancies delivered healthy babies.

so my agency is contacting other clinics to see if they will take me. i won't be filling out any more mountains of paperwork or requesting my records from kaiser again, so this is my last chance at doing this again.

as i am reminded daily by my wonderful partner, breath in. breath out.