Tuesday, April 2, 2013

happy april blog friends! time flies and i find myself still waiting around for something to happen. this would have been the month that my former ip's wanted to transfer in had i been willing to wait. i thought my own family planning was going to be a bit quicker so i backed out. and here i am wanting to be matched again. anywho, my one out of state agency contacted me yesterday and is waiting for some records and wants me to have another pap smear before matching me. well my pap isn't due until july and that seems so far away! i sent all my paperwork to my local agency and they had a couple of people in mind for me, so hopefully i can be matched sooner rather than later. i really dislike the "hurry up and wait" in all of this. that's about all folks. lots of waiting and school and working. at least e weather is beautiful!


Venus of the Kitchen said...

Wheee! Sweet anticipation! ;)

Anonymous said...

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