Wednesday, March 6, 2013

such a tease!

so i know i seem like such a tease in regards to my last post.

weeeeeeellllllll ...

my profile is up and running with a new agency! yippee!!! somedays i sit here and think to myself, "am i crazy? do i really want to punish my body for the 4th time with hundreds of shots, endless blood draws, that weenie wand always up in my business?" and the answer is yes. my sweet surrogirlie is going to be 2 in june. 2! where on earth has the time gone? i haven't seen her since the day she was born, but i think of her often and what i wouldn't give to see a picture of her smiling face! it's been almost (next week) a year since i lost the twins. that was a difficult time. so before i jump feet first into "i do" and cloth diapering, i want to make someone else's family dreams come true! i guess i'm like the fairy godmother - bibbidi bobbidi boo!!!