Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the moment we've (i've) been waiting for ...

it's officially official!


i've been poas since day 3 (totally too early and negative just fyi) and started getting a faint positive on 4dp6dt (4 days post transfer/6 day transfer). the tests got progressively darker as the days went on. see!?!

so i had my blood drawn for my beta hcg level and it was a whopping 1125!!! so what exactly does that mean? well it means i'm really pregnant and my fingers are extra crossed that there's only 1 in there! tomorrow is my repeat beta and u/s will be in the next few weeks.

so once again i'm cooking up some baby deliciousness!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

hurry up and wait

that seems to be a phrase all us surro's are familiar with.

hurry up and wait!

sign up with an agency. fill-out your profile.

hurry up and wait!

interview a few couples or if you're incredibly lucky, find your match the 1st time. blood tests galore. appointments till you can't remember not being at your ivf clinic. start meds. transfer. and the biggest one of all ...

hurry up and WAIT!!!

almost 2 weeks to find out that magical number called a beta hcg. it's the beautiful numerical value that says if you are pregnant or not and generally they can tell how many beans are growing inside that magical uterus of yours.

so here i am. sitting and waiting. monday cannot come soon enough. to be honest i've been poas since 4dp6dt. i am a paos-aholic (if there is such a thing)! C: so have a great weekend and i'll see ya'll on monday with some news!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

transfer complete!

so now i'm resting. and studying like a mad woman for my anatomy class! the transfer went well. my mom went with me and was totally fascinated by the whole process. she asked tons of questions and even got her own u/s pic. of the white puff of embryos being put in. my beta is scheduled in a week and a half and i'm anxious and praying for ONE healthy baby. till then ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i'm on deck (and i can smell baseball season)

last monitoring app't. today. woohoo! my lining is a nice fluffy 9mm (it is mm right?) and i am up next! the egg donor will have her retrieval tomorrow and i'm crossing my fingers they get a good amount of eggs. my transfer is now set for wed., 2.15! we'll do a 6 day transfer and my ivf clinic has implemented a new procedure that has a 84% successful pregnancy rate! pretty darn good if you ask me! so now we add a whole new round of meds. - progesterone, an antibiotic, prednisone, and the dreaded progesterone in oil.

***dun dun dun!!!***

my shots are going to increase to once a day starting tomorrow and my booty is already cringing. i have a few friends and family members willing to poke me and i am gonna teach my boyfriend how to do it as well.

and on a personal note - for the first time ever i bought season tickets to 21 games for the padres. i am totally excited! we got great seats and i love going to the games. for those of you that actually know me i (continue) to say that i don't actually LIVE in san diego. i maintain that i am just VISITING. ha! it's the biggest load of crap ever,but i do miss my hometown. well come baseball season i promised my boy that i'd stop referring to l.a. as my "home" and admit that i actually, really, physically, mentally, and totally L.I.V.E. in san diego. there you go babe. black and white. just for you. love you!!!