Wednesday, September 12, 2012

all things surrogacy

my fellow surrosister, janae, runs an awesome and very informative surrogacy website called all things surrogacy. she has tons of info. on surrogacy, blog links, cute bracelets, and her newest arrival of surro related clothes! she took on a new task of creating short videos to educate people on being a surromomma and has a video of lots of baby bumps. these bumps are extra special because all the babies inside the bump belong to a couple that couldn't have their own personal bump. my baby sesame bump makes a debut and there are plenty more so go check it out.

real women. real surrogates. <----- that's your linkie :)

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Ellen said...


I don't think I already contacted you, if I did excuse me for repeating. I am a PhD student in Paris, France and I do a research on surrogates and empathy. As you might know in France it is still forbidden but things are moving and the general public is moving towards making it legal. I have met with 10 surrogates (in France, Belgium, UK, Netherlands) and I have a group of surrogates (a little more than 20) who answered my questionnaires. If you are willing to participate I can send you by email the consent form and answer any question you might have. The participation is anonymous. Thanks in advance for considering and good luck with everything.
my email is