Friday, September 28, 2012


after checking in and reporting aunt flo's arrival date to my ivf clinic, i received an email from them thanking me for being ever on top of things and keep checking in.

and now for the wtf? moment ...

you're probably already aware of this, but the ip's want to transfer in april

of 2013.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

all things surrogacy

my fellow surrosister, janae, runs an awesome and very informative surrogacy website called all things surrogacy. she has tons of info. on surrogacy, blog links, cute bracelets, and her newest arrival of surro related clothes! she took on a new task of creating short videos to educate people on being a surromomma and has a video of lots of baby bumps. these bumps are extra special because all the babies inside the bump belong to a couple that couldn't have their own personal bump. my baby sesame bump makes a debut and there are plenty more so go check it out.

real women. real surrogates. <----- that's your linkie :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

hurry up and wait ... again

so here i am, waiting again. i signed my legal retainer and compensation package 2 weeks ago. just waiting for the egg donor to finish her legal so i can proceed with mine.

*insert thumb twiddling here*

on a more interesting note i {finally} met a fellow surro who lives close by! i have been the only group member this far south and it's been kinda lonely. we only live about 10-15 minutes away from each other and met up for lunch this past week. it's kinda nice to chat surro with a fellow surrosister! we have a big meet-up 10.6 with about 12 fellow surro's coming to have lunch, compare bellies, and have a good time getting to know each other!

so i'll go back to my thumb twiddling and waiting and talk to y'all soon. oh i made my first sockbun today and i am now addicted! i pink puffy heart pinterest!