Thursday, August 23, 2012

medically cleared people! one more step in the right direction! the donor is doing her legal right now then it's my turn. so a sept. or oct. transfer?

i transferred oct. 4th with baby sesame and thought what if i transferred around the same time and had both my surrobabies on the same day? i wonder what the odds are?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i had my first monitoring appointment last week. i had to drive up to irvine again and had some bloodwork, a saline sono, and met with the r.e. the entire app't. took 3 hours! and most of the time i was waiting! my saline sono was perfect and the bloodwork takes a few days to get back.. the r.e. cleared me and said i could have local monitoring here in san diego. yippee!!! that just means i have to drive up for the actual embryo transfer and everything else can be done at the clinic i've used before. we don't have dates, but i got my benefits package and other paperwork to sign and return, so we're moving forward. i am hoping for an early october transfer which would give me a guess date (i don't like the term due date) of late june. right around when baby sesame was born! :) so that's it for now. i am enjoying reading everyone else's blog and a few fellow surro sisters just delivered!

on a nsr (nonsurrogacy related) note, i have changed my e-mail address, but in order to not lose the pervious pictures on here i have to keep my old e-mail open. very annoying! i have been thinking of buying the web address, but i like blogger so i'm not sure what i'll end up doing. any suggestions?