Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy 1st birthday!!!

my sweet surroprincess turns 1 years old today! where has the time gone?!? i feel like just yesterday she was kicking around in my belly and her parents were anxiously awaiting her arrival. if you'd like to read her birth story you can jump back to it.

time has marched on and i still haven't seen or heard from reagan's parents. the way that they cut me out was extremely harsh and i question how a grown woman could have been so heartless. i woke up a few times early this morning and hit 4:18 am with a happy memory. she was so content when she was born. wide eyes and a beautiful little face. i think about her often and the milestones she's hitting - getting teeth, sitting up, crawling, and maybe even walking. i wish i could hug her little body, kiss her pudgy cheeks, and wish her a happy birthday today.

reagan and i meeting for the first time. 6.21.11

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Melissa said...

Boo for such a sad ending to your journey... I am sorry you had to go through this.