Tuesday, May 15, 2012

not my match

as the title of this post says a mouthful, i am looking for another set of ip's. the couple decided to give their former surro another shot which bumps me back onto the "dating website." :) i am disappointed and left feeling a little rejected (much like after what you think was a great first date and then he never calls you back!), but good things come to those who wait and i know my perfect family is out there.

in other news, my beta hcg is S.T.I.L.L. positive!!! it's holding steady at 8. 8, 8, 8 is not great (i just sung that in my head). so chin up and on to bigger and better!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

first dates are nerve wrecking!

and by first dates i mean a skype date with a new set of prospective ip's. once again they live abroad, but on the plus side they speak english so no translator necessary! we skyped with my coordinator from the agency and for some reason the video part of the chat wasn't working. it was nice to chat with a total stranger, but it would have been super nice to have seen her! on paper we make a good match, but things can always be different when you "meet" the person. we'll skype again (hopefully with the updated version and video!) wednesday evening.

after another trip to the ivf clinic and my bazillionth blood draw, i am STILL legally pregnant! my beta is down to 10 (horray!), but less than 5 is considered negative. i am still also anticipating, looking forward to, waiting for aunt flo to make her appearance. then we can move this process along. if this is the family for me we kinda have to start back at square one meaning psych testing, contracts and lawyers, and meds. they have frozen embryos up in l.a. so i'll be making a few trips up north. so cross your fingers and legs, whisper a prayer, send some good ju-ju, and/or dance naked under the full moon that i find my perfect match and we can get a family growing again!