Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i'm on deck (and i can smell baseball season)

last monitoring app't. today. woohoo! my lining is a nice fluffy 9mm (it is mm right?) and i am up next! the egg donor will have her retrieval tomorrow and i'm crossing my fingers they get a good amount of eggs. my transfer is now set for wed., 2.15! we'll do a 6 day transfer and my ivf clinic has implemented a new procedure that has a 84% successful pregnancy rate! pretty darn good if you ask me! so now we add a whole new round of meds. - progesterone, an antibiotic, prednisone, and the dreaded progesterone in oil.

***dun dun dun!!!***

my shots are going to increase to once a day starting tomorrow and my booty is already cringing. i have a few friends and family members willing to poke me and i am gonna teach my boyfriend how to do it as well.

and on a personal note - for the first time ever i bought season tickets to 21 games for the padres. i am totally excited! we got great seats and i love going to the games. for those of you that actually know me i (continue) to say that i don't actually LIVE in san diego. i maintain that i am just VISITING. ha! it's the biggest load of crap ever,but i do miss my hometown. well come baseball season i promised my boy that i'd stop referring to l.a. as my "home" and admit that i actually, really, physically, mentally, and totally L.I.V.E. in san diego. there you go babe. black and white. just for you. love you!!!


Andrea said...

Let's do this, girl!!!

PunkyB24 said...

Well lady, can't wait and countin down the days for the ivf. Super excited for your next Baby Sesame round! I hope we will be close to the same schedule, your walking past my house motivates me to stay healthier on my next round. :-)