Monday, January 16, 2012

i had my first monitoring appointment today and, as expected, all is quiet.

*for those of you unaware of this process, we surros have a few monitoring appt's. that check to make sure our ovaries have no eggs ready to ovulate before they start cycling us.*

i picked up my meds. and start the lupron injections tonight.

*lupron is a antiovulation med. and is given with a tiny insulin needle in the subcutaneous parts of your skin. i prefer the tummy.*

these shots are pretty much painless and i give them to myself. my next app't. will be on the 26th and then i'll start the big girl injections! those i have to enlist the help of family and friends to give to me.

my transfer is scheduled for a month from today (or tomorrow)! getting excited!!!


Chelsea said...

Yay!!! I've enjoyed your posts... stumbled across your blog! Good luck with everything :)

one faux mommy said...

hi chelsea! glad you accidently found me! C: