Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ready. set. ____

and we're off and running! finalizing the contract. sign, seal and deliver that bad boy and things can roll on! got my schedule and am due to start the lupron jan. 16 with a target transfer date of feb. 16 or 17! so, so, so very excited! my ip's have had a lot of heartache so i'm hoping to deliver their little bundle safe and sound.

so with baby sesame i had kaiser for my prenatal care and delivery. i really liked the cnm i ended up with (even though she didn't deliver me) and had a pretty good experience overall. the super exciting news this time around is that i will be using the supplemental health ins. and will be able to go to ucsd and they have a "birthing center" within their l&d unit. that means water birth!!! i so wanted to do that with sesame but kaiser didn't have that option. i am absolutely ecstatic that my ip's are onboard with the whole natural delivery/waterbirth route cause it's so important to me.

so stick around and i'll keep ya updated about what's going on and i have a great nickname for this little one to be! can't wait to share!!!

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Robin Baker said...

Wow! Bless you for this sacrifice!