Saturday, August 13, 2011

where are they now?

i lOvE that show on vh1! all those child stars of the 80's when the t.v. shows were more wholesome. :)

anyway, where are we today? well here i am sitting on my couch as usual. i am still not 100% back to normal and have my, uh hum, cough cough, 8 week postpartum app't. on monday morning. i am hoping to be cleared to pursue surrogacy early next year. speaking of, i recently contacted an agency and am going thru the initial steps to become a surromomma again! the idea just tickles me pink! i have not heard from my ip's since the e-mail when baby sesame was about a week old. the feelings are still kinda raw, but for the most part i am moving on with life. my daughter starts 2nd grade in about a month and we are going camping next weekend. she will then continue on for 10 days with my folks and my nephew while i get back to work and real life. speaking of vacations, i just took a 3 days mini-vaca to vegas with one of my gf's. it was so relaxing to sleep late, order room service and catch up with my gf.

baby sesame is almost 8 weeks old and i assume doing well. i imagine her chunky little legs and a smile on her lips when she see's her mommy and daddy. :)

we had another photoshoot with mckmama today (mckmama). boo is watching movies and playing with her princess castle. i love her imagination!

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