Thursday, July 14, 2011

tree planting

so after my placenta art was completed i wanted to do something special with the placenta instead of just throwing it away. boo and i decided that we'd get a special plant or tree and bury the placenta so it would nourish our tree just like it nourished baby sesame. we researched what kind of fruit would grow best in our climate and decided on grapes.

hopefully now i don't kill the vine and we get some grapes in the spring!

i think my daughter overheard a conversation i had with my neighbor about baby sesame's parents and what happened. her dad said to me today that she told him we're never gonna see baby sesame ever again! he quickly changed the subject, but it just breaks my heart that she is so upset. not sure if i should bring it up with her or let her ask me... what would you all do and/or say or not say?


Andrea said...

Hmm, i'm not sure exactly what I would say to my children if I were in your situation. I would want to be honest. But I would also inform them cautiously of the situation. I'm not sure your situation exactly but, your daughter doesn't need to know the hard core specifics. Maybe sitting down with her and having a heartfelt one on one will put her mind at ease just a little. With time, it will get better. And hopefully one day your IPs will reconsider.

one faux mommy said...

we finally had a talk about it. i told her that we wouldn't be seeing baby sesame anytime soon cause her parents wanted to spend lots of time with her right now. she was sad but ok.