Thursday, June 23, 2011

birth story

6 pm monday (6.20.11) evening my contractions started regularly every 10-15 minutes. they weren't especially painful, just kinda there and annoying. my mom and i are in a bingo group and it happens to be tonight. i tell her that if anything happens we'll leave and go to the hospital so let's go. bingo goes great! dinner is good and playing and chatting is keeping my mind off of my contractions. they are still pretty regular and coming a bit closer together now.

9 pm and we head to my house to get my hospital bag and back to my mom's to labor in the tub for a while. i call my doula and no answer. i leave her a message that i will be at my mom's and i think she should come. i call my daughter's other grama to come and get her and get into the tub. still having regular contractions every 4-6 minutes but they still aren't super painful. more calls and texts to the doula and still no answer. i'm getting worried she won't make it. boo's grama is an rn and she comes upstairs to sit with me and with each contraction i feel a little gush of liquid leaking out. because i am in the tub i can't tell if it's urine or amniotic fluid and she insists that i at least go to the hospital to get checked out. call the doula again and call my ip's to let them know that i am going to the hospital.

1100 pm and i am seen in triage. my contractions are every 4 minutes and getting painful. the md on call says i perplex her because i am regularly contracting but my water did not break and i am only 4 cm dilated, 80% effaced and -2 station. she gives me 3 options - 1. walk for 2 hours 2. sit on the gurney for 2 hours and she'll recheck me 3. go home naturally i choose to go home to the horror of my mom and ip's. they are all so nervous and don't want me to deliver at home. my doula calls as i am getting ready to leave and she's been at another delivery. she offers to come over but i tell her to go home and rest and i'll call if anything happens.

1200 midnite (6.21.11) and i am back at my mom's and in the tub again. it really does help being in the water. i sit and soak and relax and breath for an hour.

0100 am and i need a snack. an apple sounds so good! downstairs i go and have a snack and walk back and forth, back and forth.

0215 am and i decide i want to lay down even though my contractions are too painful to sleep through at this point. i am surfing the internet on my phone when at 0230 am i feel a pop inside. i think that little miss has just kicked my ribs again, but when i move a huge gush of fluid comes pouring out! i yell for my mom who comes into my room from a sound sleep and tell her it's time to go. another call to my ip's telling them it's for real this time because my water broke. another call to the doula to meet us at the hospital as well. at this point my contractions are so painful that when i have one i have to stop and wait it out. i am pretty sure i am moaning through the pain as well.

we can't find the car keys!

holy crap where did i put them?

5 minutes later they are located and off we go to have a baby!

0300 am and through the er to labor and delivery. i am really having intense pain with each contraction and slip on my gown and get situated in bed. a heplock is started, fetal monitor is on and i am sucking on ice chips between contractions which are every 1-2 minutes. the cnm on call arrives and i am 6 cm!

that's it i think!

another contraction rocks my body and i scream.

i can't do this!

i am in too much pain!

give me drugs!

the nurse offers me whatever i want, but because i really don't want any medicine i am quiet until the next contraction.

my mom is rubbing my lower back because i swear the baby feels like she's gonna tear outta there! back labor is the worst!

my doula arrives and takes over from my mom. i am slightly calmer but here comes another contraction and i am yelling and screaming again. i get on my hands and knees to try and relieve some of the pain. another contraction and i swear this baby is coming out my booty! i eventually turn onto my left side and decide that the only way to stop the pain is to push her out. my body tells me to bear down now. i rip the monitor off and curl up over my tummy and push with all my strength. it feels wonderful!

everyone suddenly appears in the room again and i am bearing down with each contraction. i keep thinking that my booty is going to explode it hurts so bad! the doula is pushing on my lower back and i am holding my booty with each push.

push! push! push!

i can see her head in the mirror. she's almost here.

her head pops out "sunny side up!" she's looking up at me and that's what caused the intense back labor. the cnm tells me to slow down and breath so i don't tear. they suction the baby and she starts to cry. a little push and 1 shoulder and then the other. then she slips out and onto my belly.

reagan kathleen enters the world on june 21, 2011 at 0418 am.

her daddy cuts her cord and she's immediately handed to her mommy to bond.

my job is done.

just a little skidmark tear and 1 stitch for me.

she is absolutely beautiful and so wide awake. when i hold her she stares at me when i talk to her.

i seriously can't believe that i just gave birth to this beautiful baby sans any medication what-so-ever!

she weighs 6 lbs. 10 ozs. and is 20 1/2" long. she is so content and sleeps most of the day.

she and her mommy and daddy go home that evening and i helped create a whole new family. what a blessing and an honor it was.


Krystal said...

What a great story! Congrats to all. She looks like a little doll in the last picture.

one faux mommy said...

thank you, thank you krystal! i get to visit with her and my ip's in about a week and a half. i am excited to see how she's grown! she is such a beautiful baby (and i'm not just saying that cause i carried and birthed her!) ;)

Robin Baker said...

Great job!!! What a lovely birth story. My son turned 2 yrs old on this same day ;)