Friday, June 24, 2011

3 days postpartum

3 days later and i'm feeling really great! not having an episiotomy has helped tremendously in the healing department. i have to say that my booty feels like it weighs 100 lbs. and i need to sit often. my milk is also starting to really try and come in so i am sore and hard there too. i've been wearing about 4 layers, cabbage leaves, ice packs and a binder 24/7! the fair is in town for another week and i really want to go. i think my folks will push me in a wheelchair. :)

tonight is my first night at home and my daughter is here with me. i can't imagine having to care for her and a newborn! my hat is off to mom's with more than 1 kiddo! i explained to her how i need her to be a big helper to me for the next few days and i think she will take pride in helping mom. bedtime will be early again tonight, but here's a picture of us 3.

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