Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy (belated) birthday miss audrey!!!

my surro soul sista had her beautiful bebe cupcake last night! miss audrey entered the world on 5.6.11 (5+6=11 cute huh?)! poor girl had an emergency c/s, but bebe and surromama are doing well. congrats miss e to you and your id's!!!

nothing new on my front. just relaxing today in the beautiful 70 degree weather! :) one of my aunt's is visiting from new jersey so it will be nice to see her. baby sesame seems to be doing well in my tummy. she wiggles around all night long and sleeps most of the day. only a few more weeks before this long awaited miracle graces the world with her presence. my im's baby shower is next sunday and i'm looking forward to meeting her family.

off to the beach for my family bbq. have a great weekend!

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