Wednesday, May 4, 2011

cnm check-up

i was so happy to be seeing a new cnm today. she's new to kaiser and new to me. she was very sweet yet professional. my measurements are right on target, but she was worried cause i didn't gain any weight over the past 3 weeks. she asked if i was eating and i answered with an enthusiastic YES!!! (total weight gain still at 16 lbs.) i gained 20 with boo so i'm not too worried about it. baby sesame is still head down so that's great news!

my doula and im got to meet today. it was so hot out that i didn't feel so good while we were outside talking. i sat down and my im got me a soda so i didn't fall over! this heat is killing me! i am getting more and more excited as my due date approaches to have a whole different kind of birth experience than i did with boo. quiet. non-medicated. peaceful.

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