Tuesday, May 3, 2011

32 weeks

the countdown is officially on! i feel like this pregnancy is so rapidly coming to an end and it is surprising to me how fast it went! i am having sporadic contraction here and there. a little painful when they come, but nothing i can't breath thru. i've been doing my hypnobirthing breathing and listening to my relaxation cd's and music in hopes that my unmedicated delivery is a quick one!

i have a check-up tomorrow morning to check on baby sesame and her growth (and mine!). i've been listening to her heartbeat with my stethoscope every night and i just can't believe the miracle growing inside my belly! i feel so honored to be this baby's surromama.

it's been warm (read HOT) here this week and it's been hard to sleep. i was gonna go to the pool with one of my gf's today and found it hard to keep my "cupcakes" contained! :) guess who's kicking up a storm right now? i will surely miss those kicks and flutters, but i can't wait to meet her!

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