Friday, April 15, 2011

yippee!!! 29w4d

had my baby sesame app't. this morning and all looks well. i've gained 16 pounds so far and still have about 10 weeks to go. i've typed out my birth plan and just need to fine tune it with my doula. i can't believe my journey is wrapping up!

so yippee? what's yippee? well, after doing a few breech exercises and mainly pointing a flashlight at the bottom of my tummy to make little miss turn her heiney around, the md did a quick u/s today and she is head down! yIppee!!! the md told me not to get too excited cause she could move and i told her to not jinx me please. sheesh! she also got on her high horse about not breastfeeding the baby! um ... i am NOT her momma and her momma doesn't wanna breastfeed (which would require hormome shots and who knows what else)! step off lady! she suggested a milk bank to them. look, we all know breastmilk is best for babies, but there isn't anything wrong with formula feeding them.

anyways, i am feeling good. tired most of the time. still having random contractions here and there. boo and i are going to one of my gf's baby shower tomorrow. she's due the day after me (with her for real baby) and is having a boy. hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!

~one faux mommy

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