Friday, April 29, 2011

so tired ...

the title of this post says it all! sleeping has become near impossible. or sleeping comfortably i should say. i have one of those wonderful body prego pillows and that seems to help a bit,but pretty much after 3-4 hours i have to pee or eat or both! as soon as i am up little miss takes that as a cue that it must be daytime outside and she needs to stretch and do her morning yoga in there. knees and hands poking out everywhere! last md app't. i had they gave me a kick count card to record her movements on. ha! she moves 10 times in 10 seconds! my next app't. is this coming wed. my doula is going to be there as well to meet and greet baby sesame's parents. we're gonna have a full room come d-day! only 59 days left! me oh my!!!


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Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

You have a beautiful belly!!! Love it and will continue to follow you - we are very close in due dates!! Glad you found me.