Thursday, April 7, 2011


so there have been 2 huge similarities in this pregnancy and my pregnancy with my daughter.

1. i said this before and it's totally true - i only carry girls! i know i've only had 2 pregnancies, but that's 2 for 2 baby!

2. i apparently only carry headstrong and stubborn little girls! meaning, my daughter was breech the entire 9 months and this little girl is sitting in the same position boo was in (at least as far as i can tell from palpating my tummy and getting the crap kicked outta me). i don't remember how much my daughter moved, but sometimes i expect to see a foot come pushing out!

my next ob app't. is fri. 4.15 and i'm looking forward to seeing how much weight i've gained. so far it's been 11 pounds. my belly is measuring bigger than i did with boo, but weight gain has been the same.

my surrofriend e, cousin and i went to lunch last week and it was delicious! my waffles were the size of a small country and it took me 3 days to eat them all!

see! i wasn't kidding!

2 surromama's!

~one faux mommy

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