Thursday, March 24, 2011

glucose testing, pumping iron and a car accident

so i had my big glucose testing done on monday am. they tell you that you don't have to fast prior, but you darn well know you better cause any extra trace of sugar in your system will send your glucose soaringgggggg! when i was prego with boo (my 7 y.o.), i flunked my 1 hour with a whopping 165! the 3 hour test was brutal, not to mention b.o.r.i.n.g. but i passed! anyways, my 1 hour this time was 97! :) go me! i also had a cbc and my cnm informed me that my iron was low. no big surprise there. i've been tired and slightly irritable the past few weeks. so now i am on 2 iron pills a day. ***the next sentence may be tmi for some of you*** i am worried about pooping since iron constipates you. oh the joys of pregnancy!

on to the car accident story. on my way home from work last night it was raining pretty heavily. i was in the #2 lane and a truck was passing me in the #1 lane. he hydroplaned on a puddle and his tail end swung out and knocked into me. i saw him coming at me and let off of the gas and decided that if i didn't wanna be hit again, or even worse and spin, i needed to get outta his way and FAST! thank God that no one was immediately behind me in the next 3 lanes cause over i went and so did he. we ended up on the shoulder and he was super nice and apologetic. i got a call from his ins. and my car will be repaired tomorrow on their nickle. fhew! *wipes brow*

on a happier note, my boo turned 7 on sunday! 7!!! where did the time go? we had a mad science party with some of her friends and they all had a great time!

eyeball birthday cake compliments of our neighbor s

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