Wednesday, March 30, 2011

27 weeks and a hospital tour

met up with my ip's monday nite to tour the hospital. the rooms are nice, a bit small, and come with a dvd/vhs player in them (both l&d/recovery and pp rooms). there's no wifi (boo!!!) available or an ipod dock. i have a small dock so that won't be a problem. hopefully pp won't be booming when i'm there and i can have a private room. all of the rooms have 2 beds in case you have to share, but if you don't have a roommate, you're s/o (or in my case ip's) can sleep in that bed. horray! after sesame is born i am handing her over to be cared for by her parents. i am also planning on having my tubes tied so i just wanna sleep and relax before coming home to miss boo. we still have some questions for the hospital and i am waiting for the social worker to call me back. the pbo hasn't been filled out yet either so i'm still waiting for that. *the pbo is a pre-birth order that states i am NOT baby sesame's biological momma and i won't be listed on her birth certificate.*

i am starting to read and practice my hypnobirthing techniques. the classes are quite pricey so i'm watching videos on youtube and doing the best that i can. i figure as long as i stay positive and my doula knows about hypnobirthing techniques, i am gonna rock this baby out!

belly pic. of the week -


~one faux mommy

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