Wednesday, March 16, 2011


had a baby sesame app't. this morning and all is looking good with this little girl! :) i saw an md that i haven't seen before (i'll explain how kaiser works in a minute) and i told her that this time around i'll be having a natural childbirth. she responded with, "well don't try and be a hero!" why are hospitals and practitioners so against natural childbirth? you'd think it's cheaper for them not to give me drugs and they'd be happy about that. i've been watching a new show on lifetime called "one born every minute." it's about an l&d in a hospital in like ohio or somewhere. anyways, pretty much every time a mom comes in they ask her when she wants her epidural! why aren't these women allowed to labor how they want? i have a whole other post i'll do on my opinion of birth and how dramatically it's changed since i had my baby and stopped working in the hospital.

so kaiser. i am not super thrilled to have them, but hey it's insurance. the way their l&d works is you get whoever the md and/or cnm (certified nurse midwife) are that are on-call when you deliver. so for my prenatal appt's. i could technically see someone who i really click with but when i go into labor may get a total stranger! where is there continuity of care with this method? so every month i have an app't. i see a different md or cnm so i increase my chances of having someone i sorta know walk thru the door to catch sesame. they tried to discourage me from doing this today and i told them to sit on it!

25 weeks! where has the time gone? i have my 1 hour glucose tolerance test coming up next week. hopefully i pass and won't have to do the 3 hour like i did with boo. baby sesame is growing by leaps and bounds and moves A LOT!!! her folks better be ready! :) i have really enjoyed this pregnancy and it seems to be moving along faster than when i was prego with boo.

speaking of miss boo boo kitty kat, she'll be turning 7 on sunday!!! holy moly!!! we're having a 'mad scientist' themed party and it should be a ton of fun!

no pic's. today. check back in a few ...

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