Wednesday, March 9, 2011


where in the world have i been? that is a very good question! the past 24 weeks have flown by (literally!) and have left me in the wake. but here i am now and i am ready to blog, so away we go ...

so the number 1 question i get is why in the world would you have another couple's baby? don't you feel attached? surrogacy has been on my mind since my daughter was about 2 y.o. (she's now 7). i enjoyed being pregnant and had a relatively easy pregnancy. i relocated to s.d. in the fall of 2008 and began working in a fertility clinic. i witnessed firsthand the struggles of couples unable to conceive or unable to carry a baby to term. i also saw the extreme joy when they were able to overcome a medical condition and add to their family. i knew right away i wanted to be a part of that! so how do you not get attached to this beautiful life currently dancing inside of my belly? simple. i went in with the mindset of "i am simply an oven. this baby is not mine. it is my job to nurish and nuture him or her for 9 months and then return him/her to his/her parents. period."

a little background info. for you on my journey (and yes, it's a journey!) - i originally signed up with an agency to find a set of intended parents (ip's). after working where i did, turns out i didn't need to look any further that down the hall one day! i offered my services to a couple and after talking about what we all wanted out of this, it was a done deal!

fast forward 1 1/2 years and 1 unsuccessful frozen embryo transfer and you put us on october 9, 2010. that's the day 2 beautiful embryo's were transfered into my uterus. was i scared of having twins? deathly! 1 little baby held on with all her might and here we are today. 24w2d pregnant with baby sesame (who is a baby GIRL!!!).

it has been a long road, not only for my ip's but for me as well. there were hundreds (i kid you not!) of shots involved prior to the transfer and for weeks after. my hind end was sometimes so sore it was hard to sit down! i am thankful that part of this is now behind me and my road had been paved with a supportive family, good friends and wonderful ip's!

so that's kinda it in a nutshell. question for me? go ahead and ask! for now i'll include a few belly bump photo's for you to enjoy!

~one faux mommy


23w5d - snow day

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