Wednesday, March 30, 2011

27 weeks and a hospital tour

met up with my ip's monday nite to tour the hospital. the rooms are nice, a bit small, and come with a dvd/vhs player in them (both l&d/recovery and pp rooms). there's no wifi (boo!!!) available or an ipod dock. i have a small dock so that won't be a problem. hopefully pp won't be booming when i'm there and i can have a private room. all of the rooms have 2 beds in case you have to share, but if you don't have a roommate, you're s/o (or in my case ip's) can sleep in that bed. horray! after sesame is born i am handing her over to be cared for by her parents. i am also planning on having my tubes tied so i just wanna sleep and relax before coming home to miss boo. we still have some questions for the hospital and i am waiting for the social worker to call me back. the pbo hasn't been filled out yet either so i'm still waiting for that. *the pbo is a pre-birth order that states i am NOT baby sesame's biological momma and i won't be listed on her birth certificate.*

i am starting to read and practice my hypnobirthing techniques. the classes are quite pricey so i'm watching videos on youtube and doing the best that i can. i figure as long as i stay positive and my doula knows about hypnobirthing techniques, i am gonna rock this baby out!

belly pic. of the week -


~one faux mommy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

glucose testing, pumping iron and a car accident

so i had my big glucose testing done on monday am. they tell you that you don't have to fast prior, but you darn well know you better cause any extra trace of sugar in your system will send your glucose soaringgggggg! when i was prego with boo (my 7 y.o.), i flunked my 1 hour with a whopping 165! the 3 hour test was brutal, not to mention b.o.r.i.n.g. but i passed! anyways, my 1 hour this time was 97! :) go me! i also had a cbc and my cnm informed me that my iron was low. no big surprise there. i've been tired and slightly irritable the past few weeks. so now i am on 2 iron pills a day. ***the next sentence may be tmi for some of you*** i am worried about pooping since iron constipates you. oh the joys of pregnancy!

on to the car accident story. on my way home from work last night it was raining pretty heavily. i was in the #2 lane and a truck was passing me in the #1 lane. he hydroplaned on a puddle and his tail end swung out and knocked into me. i saw him coming at me and let off of the gas and decided that if i didn't wanna be hit again, or even worse and spin, i needed to get outta his way and FAST! thank God that no one was immediately behind me in the next 3 lanes cause over i went and so did he. we ended up on the shoulder and he was super nice and apologetic. i got a call from his ins. and my car will be repaired tomorrow on their nickle. fhew! *wipes brow*

on a happier note, my boo turned 7 on sunday! 7!!! where did the time go? we had a mad science party with some of her friends and they all had a great time!

eyeball birthday cake compliments of our neighbor s

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


had a baby sesame app't. this morning and all is looking good with this little girl! :) i saw an md that i haven't seen before (i'll explain how kaiser works in a minute) and i told her that this time around i'll be having a natural childbirth. she responded with, "well don't try and be a hero!" why are hospitals and practitioners so against natural childbirth? you'd think it's cheaper for them not to give me drugs and they'd be happy about that. i've been watching a new show on lifetime called "one born every minute." it's about an l&d in a hospital in like ohio or somewhere. anyways, pretty much every time a mom comes in they ask her when she wants her epidural! why aren't these women allowed to labor how they want? i have a whole other post i'll do on my opinion of birth and how dramatically it's changed since i had my baby and stopped working in the hospital.

so kaiser. i am not super thrilled to have them, but hey it's insurance. the way their l&d works is you get whoever the md and/or cnm (certified nurse midwife) are that are on-call when you deliver. so for my prenatal appt's. i could technically see someone who i really click with but when i go into labor may get a total stranger! where is there continuity of care with this method? so every month i have an app't. i see a different md or cnm so i increase my chances of having someone i sorta know walk thru the door to catch sesame. they tried to discourage me from doing this today and i told them to sit on it!

25 weeks! where has the time gone? i have my 1 hour glucose tolerance test coming up next week. hopefully i pass and won't have to do the 3 hour like i did with boo. baby sesame is growing by leaps and bounds and moves A LOT!!! her folks better be ready! :) i have really enjoyed this pregnancy and it seems to be moving along faster than when i was prego with boo.

speaking of miss boo boo kitty kat, she'll be turning 7 on sunday!!! holy moly!!! we're having a 'mad scientist' themed party and it should be a ton of fun!

no pic's. today. check back in a few ...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


where in the world have i been? that is a very good question! the past 24 weeks have flown by (literally!) and have left me in the wake. but here i am now and i am ready to blog, so away we go ...

so the number 1 question i get is why in the world would you have another couple's baby? don't you feel attached? surrogacy has been on my mind since my daughter was about 2 y.o. (she's now 7). i enjoyed being pregnant and had a relatively easy pregnancy. i relocated to s.d. in the fall of 2008 and began working in a fertility clinic. i witnessed firsthand the struggles of couples unable to conceive or unable to carry a baby to term. i also saw the extreme joy when they were able to overcome a medical condition and add to their family. i knew right away i wanted to be a part of that! so how do you not get attached to this beautiful life currently dancing inside of my belly? simple. i went in with the mindset of "i am simply an oven. this baby is not mine. it is my job to nurish and nuture him or her for 9 months and then return him/her to his/her parents. period."

a little background info. for you on my journey (and yes, it's a journey!) - i originally signed up with an agency to find a set of intended parents (ip's). after working where i did, turns out i didn't need to look any further that down the hall one day! i offered my services to a couple and after talking about what we all wanted out of this, it was a done deal!

fast forward 1 1/2 years and 1 unsuccessful frozen embryo transfer and you put us on october 9, 2010. that's the day 2 beautiful embryo's were transfered into my uterus. was i scared of having twins? deathly! 1 little baby held on with all her might and here we are today. 24w2d pregnant with baby sesame (who is a baby GIRL!!!).

it has been a long road, not only for my ip's but for me as well. there were hundreds (i kid you not!) of shots involved prior to the transfer and for weeks after. my hind end was sometimes so sore it was hard to sit down! i am thankful that part of this is now behind me and my road had been paved with a supportive family, good friends and wonderful ip's!

so that's kinda it in a nutshell. question for me? go ahead and ask! for now i'll include a few belly bump photo's for you to enjoy!

~one faux mommy


23w5d - snow day