Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my oven, someone else's bun

***i found this entry dated 8.31.2010 that i meant to start my blog with but never did. so here's the beginning of the story...***

hi! welcome to my journey! my name is a. i am a 30 y.o. who lives in beautiful san diego, ca and i am hoping to become pregnant. my journey to achieving a pregnancy is a little different than the normal females and the end result will be 100% different. i am a gestational surrogate. not sure what that is? let me break it down for you. In gestational surrogacy, a surrogate is implanted with an embryo that is not her own, and becomes pregnant with a child to which she is not the biological mother. After birth, the surrogate relinquishes the child to the biological mother and/or father to raise, or to the adoptive parent(s) (in which case, the embryo would have been a donated embryo). The surrogate mother may be called a gestational carrier. (that is straight off of wikipedia in case you were wondering.)

so let me tell you a little about my journey. when my daughter was about 2 (she's now 6), surrogacy crossed my mind. i thought it would be wonderful to help out a couple who otherwise probably couldn't have children. i enjoyed my pregnancy, labor and delivery and since i wasn't sure about wanting more children i thought, "this is a perfect way to enjoy pregnancy and not have the responsibility of the child afterwards!"

am i sounding crazy to you? :) i contacted a few agencies in 2008 and began the process of interviewing. in august of '08 my family and i relocated to san diego and my plans were put on hold for a little while. i took a job in the fertility field. i was now experiencing first hand what it was like to try so hard to have a child and sometimes the patients succeeded and sometimes they didn't. i decided to find an agency and resign up for surrogacy.

i contacted 2 agencies and started the interview process all over again. my plans were changed when i met my intended parents (who will now be referred to as ip's) and i knew i wanted to carry for them as opposed to strangers (though i would have). this was feb. of 2009. one slight problem, i was going on a cruise in oct. of that year so everything would have to wait until after i got home. my ip's were so graciously willing to wait for me.

speed up time and the cruise was fab.u.lous! there is a LOT to do before you can just implant those teeny, tiny babies in someone. i had 17, yes you read that correctly, tubes of blood drawn for my pretesting. contracts had to be drawn up and signed. psych testing was done. after all that, i began my meds. lots and Lots and LOTS of shots! pretty much 5 days a week i was a pin cushion! in feb. of 2010 i had an fet (frozen embryo transfer) and unfortunately it was unsuccessful. that was a big disappointment.

so here we are, the very last day of aug. i went to the pharmacy and got my meds.

i haven't really told many people about my journey i am embarking on. i am part of an online surrogacy support group and my family obviously knows. i am not married in case you were wondering so i didn't have to confer with anyone about my decision. i have an app't. on 9-8 to do some routine measurements and if all is well i will start my sub-q injections of lupron. a subcutaneous injection is also called a sub-q injection. it is a "shot" of medicine given into the layer between the skin and the muscle. (www.drugs.com)

well i think that's all for now. thanks for stopping by and i hope you'll follow me on this amazing journey!